Video & Animation

"If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed."

Stanley Kubrick

Video ads, viral and corporate clips, as well as graphic animations, nonfiction, documentaries …. Images speak the dominant language in digital communications, bringing color and meaning to what is communicated, whether it be a story, a vision or a product.

Our ability to create videos that speak to the public in this multi-device, social media era comes from a mix of experience in cinema and in omnichannel digital communications, enhanced with technical skills in mobile, app and web communications, as well as in marketing and advertising.

With Unskip, the mashfrog group company specialized in video production, we create innovative formats aimed at fast and innovative, social and mobile use, as well as long-form, reportage and movies for a kind of storytelling that combines detailed content with these digital times.


    We offer the customer the possibility to turn brand, stories, products and services into images. We create screenplays, storyboards and scripts and we find the best format for the subject and the target: from viral clips, to web series and video interviews.


    We take care of all the production steps, to provide a complete service: from the choice of location and casting, if filming, to the choice of illustrative method and the most effective graphic solutions in the case of video animations.


    We take care of every detail necessary to make each video a complete and effective product. From music to versions in multiple languages, from digital effects to graphics, each video is entrusted to the care of technicians and experts who are competent in every single area of post-production.

A world of possibility

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