Industry 4.0

"In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention."

Lou Holtz

Digital transformation is no longer a choice for companies, but an essential factor to develop business, create profit and generate growth.

The stakes are high: we must enact complete, end-to-end initiatives that involve the entire corporate organization, because industry 4.0 is not a technological project but a radical modification of the business model.

Thanks to FourFab, a mashfrog group start-up focused on 360° digital transformation projects for companies in the manufacturing sector, we offer companies our experience in analytical techniques and strategic business redesign, knowledge of computer architectures used for process reengineering and skills in elements of finance applied to corporate income statements.


    We present ourselves to manufacturing companies as a partner, not just a supplier of digital transformation projects, by including the areas of security and smart energy in our range of business.


    For our partner-clients, we design a cycle of integral redesigns that include robotics and sensor technology, security and safety interventions and solutions for energy efficiency and management.


    We combine traditional organizational and technical assessment elements with business context analysis for the customer, in order to provide him with elements of control needed to generate consistent profit over time.

A world of possibility

The mashfrog Group offers many other integrated solutions for Digital Transformation. Find out what we can do!