Digital Design

"Well done is better than well said"

Benjamin Franklin

The web, apps, CMS solutions, e-commerce platforms and IoT systems. We offer a broad portfolio of “key in hand” technological solutions to respond completely to the various needs of digital business.

We design robust and versatile back-end systems, characterised by high levels of security and performance, essential for customers’ needs for omnichannelity, their industry and the markets and target they aim for.


    We create interactive and dynamic website and web app solutions, based on strong client-server communication and able to grow and evolve depending on the needs of the Customer and their business. We play the role of advisor and producer throughout the process of planning, development and organisation of the solution, dealing with every phase of the creation process, from domain registration to hosting management.


    All our apps respond to the specific needs of the Customer in terms of technology, customer base and target market. We carry out the planning, design and development of native apps to mobile platforms for Android, iOS and Windows phone, hybrid apps that combine native elements with web-based content and wearable solutions like smartwatches and smartbands. We also create IoT apps for home automation, proximity marketing and car sharing services.

  • UX & UI

    Skills for planning, design and development of the front-end are joined by specific skills for the creation of effective UX and UI for each device able to guarantee access and completion of integrated services for the customer journey.


    We use, configure and personalise all the main CMS solutions on the market, allowing Clients to create and publish content dynamically and independently on the various web-based solutions.

A world of possibility

The mashfrog Group offers many other integrated solutions for Digital Transformation. Find out what we can do!