Blockchain Lab

"Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth."

Edith Widder

We’ve gained integrated experience in the creation of all the elements of the process for an Initial coin offering (ICO).

From the generation of Tokens to the creation of smart contracts on blockchain technology, the design and production of a website for its online promotion and the concrete creation of the digital product the ICO was launched for.

We also take care of ICO promotion, with an integrated strategy that selects the most effective digital channels.


    We deal with of the generation of tokens by ensuring ICO promoters that we will follow its evolution and distribution in the cryptocurrencies market in total transparency, which we monitor with our proprietary artificial intelligence solution.


    Thanks to our experience in blockchain technology, we can quickly transfer business ideas with the correct implementation of smart contracts, studied ad hoc for every single ICO.


    We create websites completely in house, suited to ICO presentation clearly and transparently, according to the best industry benchmarks, the UX/UI best suited to the target and with special focus on optimization and data protection.


    We promote the ICO, taking care of both the design and production of communications material and the definition and completion of marketing strategies, online, on social networks and on specific forums. All of this in multiple languages, starting with English, Spanish, German and Russian


    Our IT experience in the development of multi-device digital solutions and skills in systems integration allow us to follow the entire ICO process, up to the final creation of the project promoted with the offer.

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