Communication & Marketing

"If a business were a human being, communication would be its life blood" 

Lee Iacocca

Telling the story of a Brand means communicating an experience and giving shape to a continuous, real and engaging dialogue.  We accompany our customers along the whole relationship journey with their audience.

We provide specific and specialised professionals to design customised and integrated editorial and marketing plans, to build the most effective formats of communication– whether they be text, video, visuals or graphics – and to manage all communications, marketing and advertising on social media and on the web.

Our omnichannel approach aims to guarantee a personal, fluid and continuous experience. Communications and marketing activities are designed and developed to draw the maximum benefit from the most effective digital channels: they natively integrate solutions for the optimisation of search engine presence and for the analysis and monitoring of performance, CRM systems for the management of the customer journey and crisis management.


    We work with the Customer in the design, creation and application of its digital brand identity covering the entire communications development plan, from benchmark analysis and profiling, to the creation of tailor-made sites and apps, up to the planning of the strategic communications plan 2.0.


    We offer solutions of omnichannel digital communications. Journalists, videomakers, graphic designers and copywriters work side by side with SEO specialists, strategists and analysts to provide a complete and specific editorial service for the web and social networks, with expertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Slack and Reddit.


    SEO, SMO and ASO are developed with an integrated and evolved approach that includes technical and editorial actions, on site and off site. Optimisation is developed with specific strategies, designed and calibrated based on the needs of each Brand, on target behaviour in search engines and on industry competitiveness.


    We create effective and totally flexible strategies by planning campaigns on the most suitable channels for intercepting customers, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness with constant optimisation and budget savings: Google Adwords, Yandex, Bing/Yahoo, Social ADV, Programmatic ADV, Native. We develop campaigns of B2B and B2C, crowdfunding and content marketing plans even for new business sectors, like the Initial Coin Offer (ICO) of cryptocurrencies.

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