Tourist Wallet

The Tourist Wallet research project was created with the aim of contributing to the Smart Specialisation Strategy implemented by the Lazio Region to develop tourism and the territory.

The heart of the project is blockchain technology to accelerate the digital transformation process already underway in the sector. The use of a virtual currency for payments and reservations - ie blockchain - will create new and important business opportunities.

The project is promoted and coordinated by mashfrog Group in partnership with Foodiestrip, an innovative startup in the Food sector, and the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, which puts its technical and scientific skills at the disposal of the most advanced business ventures.

Tourist Wallet is a solution designed for the business world, but also to simplify payment transactions of end users such as tourists and, more generally, travelers. Tourist Wallet is based on the creation of a network of companies operating in the tourism sector of the Lazio Region (restaurants, hotels, shops, local producers, etc.), where users can create a Tourist Wallet account and carry out all transactions required (payments, but also money withdrawals).

The benefit lies with managing transactions without using cash and with the security and transparency guarantee offered by blockchain technology. Cash can still be used for all those services or businesses (eg local markets) that lack digital payment systems.

Tourist Wallet will also perform another important function, that of increasing visibility and improving the digital reputation of local operators. In fact, Tourist Wallet will also be an online community where uses can combine services and activities, offer and search for products/services by promoting the circulation of information and sharing experiences on the TripAdvisor model. All this alongside transparent and secure money management.

Tourist Wallet is thus configured as a network of consumer and business users that favours the sharing economy. By transferring electronic money from one consumer to another, the Tourist Wallet system will streamline sales between tourists and local businesses participating in the project. For example, different businesses may decide to share the Tourist Wallet purse to have a single and simplified transaction management.

What is more, the ability to manage a real digital transaction log will also help in collecting and analysing user behaviour data. Data can be shared between all operators in a certain tourist resort or analysed overall by a regional institution. All this will make it possible to improve the offer, evaluate the efficiency and quality of a tourism ecosystem on the basis of appropriate indicators, and plan interventions to best meet the needs of the tourist.

The value of a project such as Tourist Wallet is measured in several ways: in regional tourism innovation through the widespread introduction of smart payment, in business development and profit growth, but also in terms of amplifying the awareness of the historical-artistic, food and wine assets of the area.

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News published on October 1st, 2019. 

Total grant awarded € 391.267,60



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