13 March 2019

How Much Does Investment in Talent and Training Pay Off? The mashfrog Academy’s Success Story

The story of seven young talents from mashfrog’s training school and the edition dedicated to the ERP Infor M3 system, from classes in Rome to working teams at Trelleborg Wheel System in Barcelona

What is the fastest path to a company’s success? Investing in training. It’s not a slogan or merely a good intention. It’s a fact, made clear by the experience of the seven young recent graduates who participated in the second edition of the mashfrog Academy dedicated to the ERP Infor M3 system.

You might describe their adventure almost like the title of a film: “From Rome to Barcelona in Four Steps”. If you go into more detail, you’ll find a case history marked by speed, foresight and just the right amount of company risk that makes a (successful) challenge different from a gamble.

The situation. In Italy, there’s a lack of professional figures specialized in the ERP corporate process management system Infor M3. This Enterprise Resource Planning solution, designed by the American colossus Infor, a global leader in management software, is increasingly requested by Italian companies, who want highly personalized solutions that can completely satisfy their specific business models. 

The idea. Why not fill this gap by creating a specific training course dedicated to the Infor M3 solution as part of the mashfrog Academy? 

The Academy. No sooner said than done. mashfrog management got to work and formed a direct partnership with Infor and designed a specific training course with a certified program on the Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Sales and Finance models. In September 2018, 11 young recent graduates were chosen, from over 100 candidates, to participate in Academy’s brand-new training course on Infor’s ERP solution. 

The Trelleborg project. In a short time, that managerial insight turned out to be well-founded and the customer Trelleborg Wheel System requested the consultancy of 7 of the young “infor-talents” for a digital transformation project. 

To complete the training, they needed one more step, with the service and ticketing expert Ester Rams, who works at the Trelleborg office in Barcelona. The entire Infor team left for two weeks of full immersion in Spain, with the offices of “Spanish mashfrog” as their logistical base. 

The on-the-job training highly specific to TWS’ needs produced immediate results. Upon returning from Barcelona, the entire Infor team was sent to TWS headquarters in Tivoli. 

The goal. To keep the training center in house and to create a true practice area on Infor M3, tackling the Italian and European markets.  A goal demonstrated by mashfrog’s participation in the next Infor Partner Summit, held in April in Amsterdam. The die is cast.