The Social Energy Network (SEN) research project proposes a system for the monitoring and management of production and consumption within a low-voltage power grid.

Co-financed by the European Union as part of the POR Lazio 2014-2020, the SEN project involves the partner 5EmmeInformatica, as coordinator, mashfrog plus, Top Consulting & Services, Azzero CO2 and the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The SEN project aims to optimize production from existing photovoltaic/wind/cogeneration plants and share the energy produced according to the paradigm of distributed generation and demand-response.

The progressive establishment of so-called prosumers (producers and consumers) is transforming economic and consumption models, technological implementation and the management of the electricity distribution network: it’s now possible for small producers, once simple consumers, to produce energy and sell it to the provider.

The goal of the project is to create a Pilot formed by 3 apartments, connected to SEN and to the grid of the energy provider, to demonstrate how the energy produced and not consumed by an apartment equipped with a photovoltaic installation can be used by other apartments without requesting energy from the provider. The Pilot is accompanied by a SW that allows for the management, monitoring and accounting of these energy flows in accordance with Italian law and condominium policy.

Through software for monitoring, accounting and control, the private owner of the generation plant can know who he sold energy to, and will be able to use the proceeds of this sale directly for his share of the condominium fees, rather than selling it to the energy provider, for whom random energy inputs to the grid can do more harm than good.


Awarded grant: € 665.692.13


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