The HoloSeg research project represents the evolution of software for the segmentation and three-dimensional reconstruction of anatomical parts, from CAT scans or MRI, developed by mashfrog in collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital.

Promoted by mashfrog in partnership with the University of Cagliari - Department of Mathematics and Information Technology (DMI), the research project is developed as part of the Operational Program 2014-2020 financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (POR FESR 2014-2020).

HoloSeg calls for the addition of new functionalities for surgical planning using holographic visualization and the 3D model printing that a surgeon can use to define, for example, the specific position of metal plates for bone reconstruction that he or she will use during an operation, or specify the insertion points, the angle, the depth and the fixing direction for surgical screws.

The experience HoloSeg is based on allows us to expand the project by bringing research and surgical planning into the world of augmented reality and holograms.

The project calls for the augmented visualization of anatomical models and information related to surgical planning through the integration of the platform with the device Microsoft Hololens for Augmented Reality. The visor allows the user wearing it to visualize purely digital models that are inserted as holograms in the real surrounding environment. The user can also move around the digital objects to see them from different angles.


Awarded grant: € 203.300,99



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