27 August 2018

UralsibBank chooses mashfrog for SMEs

The bank has chosen the MYCIE platform to offer small and medium enterprises a real time service for business and market strategy

UralsibBank, one of the most important financial institutions in Russia, has chosen a mashfrog group platform. Starting on 12 July, MYCIE is online on the bank’s website. It’s a web service that is custom made for SMEs, making their economic management more efficient and their market presence more competitive.

MYCIE is a proprietary platform that allows SMEs to upload all their relevant data (balance sheet, employees, energy consumption, rent costs …), immediately returning a strategic response for the business: 

  1. profitability 
  2. competitive placement compared to similar and comparable companies
  3. competitors present in a territorial radius indicated by the SME itself 

Upon request, MYCIE also produces a business plan for an SME interested in making a new specific investment in a certain area and indicates its risk.

The “made in mashfrog” platform is a solution offering real time, effective business and market strategy responses to SME clients of UralsibBank, which, in the last two years, has registered one of the best levels of performance in its sector in Russia and boasts a track record of upgrading by the main international rating agencies.