24 July 2019

Invest in training, how the mashfrog Academies work

2 years, 9 Academies and 51 talented young people who have already joined the Group – this is how the mashfrog On-The-Job Training programme works.

Invest in training.

At mashfrog this is not a slogan or a good intention, it's something we actually do. In 2017, the Group created an ICT Academy training centre with the aim of training young school graduates and/or recent university graduates in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines and in the main tech skills the Group uses and needs.

This initiative primarily arose from an analysis of the labour market. The ICT and enterprise services sector is very competitive and specialised, but there are few senior, qualified figures compared to market demand and companies' needs. 

"At mashfrog we realised that it has become increasingly difficult to attract adequate personnel to carry out our clients' projects with the utmost commitment and seriousness," Alberta La Peccerella commented. 

The Academies were born precisely from this need to develop the talented employees who will contribute to building the future of the Group in house.

A certain level of skills is vital at mashfrog, which is why on-the-job training programmes  have been set up for all of the company's core technologies:

•  SAP Functional Area
 • SAP Technical Area
 • ERM M3
 • Salesforce
 • Hybris Technology
 • MES – Industry 4.0

How an Academy works. 

Each class consists of about 10 students under the age of 30. The minimum requirements for admission are a good knowledge of English (minimum level required: B2), availability for international travel and good motivation. Talent training lasts a maximum of 4 weeks and educational activities are conducted by mashfrog personnel who have consolidated experience in their area of expertise.

The results.

To date, 50% of the young people who have attended the Academies have been given a position on the staff as soon as the on-the-job training was completed. In fact, after a preliminary induction and an overview of the specific theoretical elements of the technology, each training course aims to allow the students to test themselves on concrete design aspects and work together with the teams.

"It's a quid pro quo," said Anna Luvison, Talent Acquisition and HR specialist of mashfrog Group based in Milan. 

The Academy is an innovative tool in the labour market, where two different interests fit together: that of the young graduate who is looking for a practical course, so they can quickly get into the world of work, as well as that of mashfrog which is looking for profiles that are lacking in our university and school system," continued Anna. 

At the Milan headquarters there are already 4 Academies – 2 dedicated to SAP, 1 to Salesforce and 1 to software for the 4.0 MES industry. A new Salseforce Academy is also starting in September and will last 3 weeks.

Ghaieth Guerine, Business Operation Manager & SCM of mashfrog at the Milan office, commented on the results and experience of the On-The-Job Training programmes that have already been set up:"Thanks to the Academies we have managed to meet the demands of the market; the IT world is in turmoil and scouting experienced resources is difficult. The profiles are carefully selected by our HR team and are subsequently trained in the classroom by senior colleagues. The candidates are young, both from a personal and professional point of view, but they manage to compensate for this gap with enthusiasm and proactivity – bringing great added value to our company ." 


From 2017 to date 9 Academies have been curated between Rome and Milan and this training strategy has allowed the Group to bring 51 talented young peopleon board.
In 2019, the goal is to continue to train young talents in this way, in order to enrich Group's team with a shortlist of 35 new personnel.