27 August 2018

RoboNews on 28 Global Exchanges

Every day, the artificial intelligence of mashfrog’s Robo Advisor produces news and alerts on stocks with the best odds of rising in value for each market.

Daily RoboNews on 28 global exchanges. This is the new robo-advisor service from SelfieWealth, the mashfrog group company specialised in the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Fintech.

Each day, AI produces real news on the three stocks per individual stock market with the best odds of rising shortly and indicates the percentage value of possible earnings of the individual stock in the same time interval. 

The new RoboNews service is available for anyone that subscribes to a monthly plan of 20 euro.
In July, SelfieWealth launched the new Watch List service, which allows the customer to select his or her list of favourite stocks in order to check and monitor them more easily. For each stock selected, the robot produces three upward or downward forecasts – at 15, 30 and 60 days – and three specific target prices with the same deadlines. 

Each stock selected is enhanced by specific RoboNews, produced by SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence, and customisable alerts on the stock’s performance on the exchange. 

Fully digital and mobile first, SelfieWealth is more and more a sort of Spotify for finance, which provides daily updates to anyone that wants to receive quick and clear information on the stock market or on the status and possible short-term trends of their favourite stocks.

“We want to create a unique product for investors and workers in global finance, with millennials as our main target”, said Edoardo Narduzzi, President and Founder of SelfieWealth.

SelfieWealth has been granted authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority to operate as a financial advisor with professional investors. It’s the first RoboAdvisor to obtain this license for totally automated financial consultancy without any role or presence of human consultants.