20 September 2018

RoBET, the first platform for betting and cryptocurrency exchange

When cryptocurrencies meet sports betting… RoBET is born! 

RoBET comes from the experience in gambling and betting projects of Mashfrog S.p.A. and SelfieWealth the company of the group specialized in the FinTech and artificial intelligence sectors. A perfect combination of two emerging markets, sports betting and cryptocurrencies, RoBET allows the user to bet on the outcome of sporting events using cryptocurrencies

Are you looking for predictions based on artificial intelligence? Do you want to get into the world of cryptocurrencies? Or are you simply interested in projects with high growth potential? Whatever it may be, RoBET is for you!

What is RoBET?

RoBET is among the first exchange platforms to offer, on a global scale, the possibility of betting on sporting events using cryptocurrencies. It gives users a truly original gaming experience and the chance to constantly improve their betting skills and strategies, with the end goal of creating a sports betting ecosystem based on cryptocurrencies.
More experienced players will also be able to open their own sportbooks to test out their strategies, and accept bets made by other players.

But that’s not all! RoBET is also a digital, multi-wallet portfolio that can guarantee the management of the entire crypto-betting process. Users can choose a specific cryptocurrency to use for their bets and, upon winning, can request their prize in another currency, performing a double bet, both on the outcome of the sporting event and on cryptocurrency trends. 

How does it work?

The system issues daily predictions by using a specific predictive instrument, that is, the artificial intelligence platform RoboAdvisorCoin, based on a large database of quotas and bets obtained from key international bookmakers, in addition to the information generated by the platform itself. 

The creation of the platform

The beta version of the platform is now available, thanks to the work of our team, who developed the entire betting process in the blockchain, allowing users to use their ERC-20 tokens or the principal cryptocurrencies both for betting and prediction services