15 May 2019

New frontiers for ECA: mashfrog’s Focus Day in Maranello

Ferrari’s factory was the extraordinary setting for the first Focus Day dedicated to outline the new frontiers of the ECA offer


“The best Ferrari ever to be built is the next one”.

The words from Dino Ferrari stand out at the front gate of Ferrari’s breathtaking historical museum, a testament to a world-renowned symbol of excellence and of the trademark Italian way to blend in a unique way heritage, innovation, vision, engineering perfection, pragmatism and boldness. 

Every street corner in Maranello exudes speed, courage and the determination to go above and beyond, as this little Italian hamlet near Modena became synonymous with Ferrari back in 1947, when Enzo Ferrari first opened his legendary workshop. Consistent with our entrepreneurial DNA, mashfrog Group has chosen this spellbinding location  for the first Focus Day dedicated to our commercial offer in the ECA(Enterprise Cloud Application) field. This day has engaged key corporate professionals in defining new commercial offers that integrate technology with skills, as well as pinpointing new industries to render the Group’s standing on local and international markets even more competitive.

Federico Zuin, CEO of mashfrog Group, kicked off the proceedings with a presentation of the ECA area, as a scalable business area focused on delivering ERP solutions by integrating a wide range of technological assets and skill sets, wholly developed by various subsidiaries of the Group. This scalable area can implement commercial offers for SMEs and corporations in various sectors (from manufacturing to luxury, from utilities to financial services, etc.).

The morning was devoted to an in-depth discussion on various implementations for ECA offers. Andrea Albanese, Digital Enterprise Solutions Manager, outlined both specifics and potential of the new new  SAP 4HANA business suite. Together with Jonathan Bagnani, Technical Area Leader Infor M3, we’ve thoroughly scrutinized the market potential for an ERP cloud solution, branded as Infor M3: why it should be implemented, what industries would it serve and what are the main differences compared to an SAP product.  Ghaieth Guerine, Business Operation Manager, dedicated his remarks on Salesforce, a platinum partner of mashfrog Group, focusing on the exceptional nature of the Group’s offer.  As a company specializing in omnichannel solutions, mashfrog has the expertise and the skill set to integrate SAP and Salesforce on a global scale, as well as proven experience on digital skills like front-end and back-end sectors.

Late morning saw speeches by Antonio Pelella, COO of FourFab and Riccardo Bonafede, CEO of 4Switch, as they each outlined the commercial offers from both Group companies. The MES systems (Manifacturing Execution System) developed by FourFab usher in the implementation of cyberphysics, wireless communication, 3D printing, robotics and advanced sensors for the manufacturing sector. These technologies are the essential step to lead companies towards the Industry 4.0 era. 4Switch is a service provider offering to Gas and Power utilities the first integrated compensatory service and Credit Collection system. 4Switch has achieved this by developing its DRUX platform, natively integrated with the Corporate System and databases. The closing remarks were handed to Rodolfo Caira, HCM Area Lead, who showcased the most significant applications from Salesforce in the HRM domain, outlining once again how the Group’s expertise and specific skill sets can hasten the evolution of small, medium and large companies towards the HR 4.0 era.

An intense and productive morning helped put to factor common the collective knowledge and outlooks, envisaging the new business frontiers for Enterprise Cloud Applications, while confirming mashfrog’s tenure as the ideal technological partner.

Once the Focus Day was over and done with, the experience roared off with a tour of Ferrari’s factory and a visit to their Museum.

The most significant moments of the day were featured in a video.