3 October 2019

MioWelfare, the digital welfare platform

MioWelfare is an innovative company, part of the mashfrog Group, created to simplify welfare management. We talk about it with one of the co-founders, Fabio Dellutri. 

Part of the mashfrog Group since 2018, MioWelfare is an agile, innovative company made up of a team of ten people and co-founded in 2014 by Angelo Raffaele Marmo, journalist and welfare expert, Edoardo Narduzzi, President of the mashfrog Group, and Fabio Dellutri, currently the Managing Director.

Welfare, a growing market

The importance of simplifying welfare management is something that companies, the public and professionals have been discussing for some time. Information gaps, red tape and procedures that are often complex and chaotic lead to inconvenience which is less and less tolerable in the age of digitisation, especially when they limit access to and use of fundamental services - to which the public are entitled - such as social security, health and education.
Innovating the entire welfare system has to be a priority on the Italian digital agenda. As with other sectors in which digital innovation was as important as it was complex, the key to the change was the open innovation model: the encounter, in some cases truly virtuous, between institutions and individuals with the startup ecosystem, with new technologies and with a vision focusing on optimising, simplifying and guaranteeing complete accessibility when it comes to public services. Startups identified the welfare system and corporate welfare as a market with high potential, creating business models that are as scalable as they are sustainable. MioWelfare is a prime example of this trend. Co-founder Fabio Dellutri tells us its story.

How did the idea for MioWelfare come about?

The idea of investing in the digitisation of welfare, both basic and supplementary, started out from an awareness of a widespread information gap and from the need to provide a tool that could be used to find a way through the complex world of public and private social security.

What awaits us when we retire? What solutions exist to bridge the so-called “social security gap”? Which health services can I use in the National Health Service? And which ones can I get if I join a supplementary fund? What kind of training course can I follow from those organised by the interprofessional funds? 

MioWelfare is the digital platform that seeks to answer these questions, allowing everyone to create a customised welfare package. The platform offers 3 basic services:
- It produces a customised Welfare Datasheet with all the options in the general welfare framework: public pillar, private pillar, social security, health, training. Each datasheet features an in-depth analysis of all the relevant social security services depending on the type of contract. 
- It calculates pensions.
- It compares public and private funds and show users possible solutions based on how much they are willing to pay in. 

What is corporate welfare?

Introduced with the Italian Stability Law in 2016, “corporate welfare” as we understand it today is a way for companies to support employees using benefits (vouchers for services and products, expense reimbursements etc.) and covers areas ranging from healthcare to training, from leisure to social security. Welfare benefits are exempt from tax and social security contributions for both workers and companies, but in order to become operational, however, they require a management structure and technological infrastructure that many companies are still lacking. The most common choice is to rely on external providers equipped with the technology and merchant network to implement partnership agreements. MioWelfare decided to create a technological solution to manage corporate welfare processes and the result is MioBenefit. 

How does MioBenefit work?

MioBenefit is a “white label” cloud platform i.e. a turnkey solution delivered as a SaaS model that companies and welfare providers can integrate and use to manage the entire supply chain for and use of welfare benefits. 
From the point of view of end users, MioBenefit looks like a real marketplace, a catalogue of products and services ranging from social security to leisure, from professional training to health. Workers that have signed up have a credit on the platform, as set out in the company Welfare Plan, and can spend it on vouchers for products and services, get reimbursements for expenses or make supplementary payments into social security funds.

How do companies benefit?

MioBenefit is a “turnkey” enabling technology that gives companies autonomy in organising every aspect of corporate welfare. An innovative solution that internalises the management of the entire system and creates the skills and expertise needed for maintenance. Once the technological infrastructure has been integrated, the company can also monitor usage by end users, assess satisfaction and preferences and ensure that the service is delivered as efficiently as possible.

“Choosing MioBenefit means investing in open innovation to facilitate employee access to the benefits provided by the company Welfare Plan, simplifying and streamlining internal management processes at the same time,” explains Fabio Dellutri.
What MioWelfare has to offer with the MioBenefit SaaS is a B2B business model based on monthly licensing. The licensing value depends on the number of end users of the service.
The MioBenefit product has been on the market since May 2017. It was created by the MioWelfare team, a group of about ten professionals constantly engaged in research and development, design and drafting news articles and in-depth features regarding the main welfare issues.

What developments can we expect in years to come?

According to the “Welfare for People” report published in March 2019 by ADAPT and UBI Banca (), the number of companies choosing to award productivity bonuses in the form of welfare benefits has been gradually increasing in recent years. While in 2016, only 3% of companies had implemented a welfare plan, by 2017 this figure had already reached 14%, up to 30% by the end of 2018. This scenario could continue to grow if future Budget Laws confirm and improve measures benefiting corporate welfare. In this case, we will see a greater need for increasingly advanced technological solutions for process management, and in this regard, MioBenefit is a leading solution in the welfare platform market.