15 May 2019

Let’s team up. Talking leadership with Marcello Lippi

mashfrog Group was honoured to host an exceptional guest in its Rome headquarters, Mr Marcello Lippi. 

Let’s team up. Talking leadership with Marcello Lippi. Under this title, mashfrog Group set up an employee-related event followed on site or through a live feed, seizing the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of leadership and to pinpoint the best practices regarding teamwork. To prove the point we’ve called up an exceptional guest like Marcello Lippi, defined by Italy’s authoritative sports daily “La Gazzetta dello Sport” as “the trainer-manager of the new millennium”. His leadership skills transformed athletes in champions and teams in unbeatable armies. 

The former head coach of Italy’s world champion football team of 2006, joined us in our Roman headquarters for an hour-long chat where he showcased his trademark wit and towering personality to answer questions and provide insights to mashfrog’s executives and employees, including founders Federico Zuin (CEO) and Edoardo Narduzzi (Chairman), together with Antonio Grillo (Digital Area Managing Director).

The founders’ introductory address outlined how a rapidly-evolving company thinks fast and acts quicker to respond in an ever more competitive and demanding market. “A platform-company in the Smart Economy area” that needs to highly improve its “teamwork”, participation and sharing skills to keep sustaining its growth. But how is it possible to combine expertise, a high-profile know how and the specific traits from each business unit in a multi-faceted company? How can we engage and motivate the actors at play in order for them to achieve ever more challenging goals? And, above all, “how can we create a winning team that is able to confront a constantly changing market?”. Having Marcello Lippi on board to answer all these questions wasn’t by chance. Across generations, Lippi is regarded as a role model and a symbol of the way teamwork is used as the prerequisite for growth, on a football pitch or on a company floor.


In an hour full of memories, recollections and funny anecdotes that are now part of Italy’s collective memories, we discussed about leadership, integration, motivation and teamwork.

“Unity, sense of belonging and always being available towards others.”

In the words of Marcello Lippi, these are the traits of a winning team. A top team isn’t all about featuring champions, but it’s mostly built on individual talents that serve a group to reach  collective goals, because as the head coach would say,

“None of us is strong like all of us”.

These words of wisdom come from a true and trusted charismatic leader, who has a strategic vision and the unique capacity to motivate and inspire its team. The audience had the chance to field many questions that were all replied by Lippi with open-handedness and enthusiasm, highlighting how a collective participation and a common interest towards a well-defined goal are the fundamental traits for the growth of any organisation. 

Hopefully, this meeting will be the first of a long series of events dedicated to teamwork, the essential condition to generate new talents, skills and value.

Facciamo squadra, Mashfrog e Marcello Lippi insieme per parlare di leadership from mashfrog Group on Vimeo.