21 June 2019

Infor chooses mashfrog to drive the digital transformation

Infor uses mashfrog to provide ERP solutions to Italian and international companies and SMEs, including in complex sectors such as fashion and food.  

The news. Driving the shift towards digital, including in sectors where Made in Italy excels such as fashion. In a recent press release, Infor announced that it had chosen mashfrog as the ideal partner to bring its global application solutions to a local level and to industry sectors that are now beginning to follow new digital transformation programmes. Fashion and clothing companies are faced with complex challenges, but with the right decisions and suitable investments, they can win market share in what has become a major global industry. In this context, Infor's cloud-focused strategy, combined with its prominent position in the sector and industry expertise, together with our experience in enterprise services and the various areas of digital, mean that we have a very impressive proposition to take to the Italian market.

The background. Infor is a leading US player in enterprise solutions for business process management and business intelligence and has chosen to strike up a business partnership with mashfrog Group to maximise its positioning on the Italian market, including in complex production sectors such as fashion and food & beverage. Infor has established itself on the Italian market thanks to its wide-ranging and highly vertical software solutions. Designed to adapt to companies of all sizes, the US company's products are now established not only in the manufacturing sector, but also in the automotive and fashion industries. However, their management solutions are still not particularly well-known, with their distribution largely clustered in northern Italy for the time being. This is largely down to a lack of the skills required to implement and use the systems; nevertheless, it shows that there is a market out there waiting to be explored. 

The partnership between mashfrog Group and Infor is therefore targeting a specific vision: investing in training talent and in an alternative ERP application to SAP S/4HANA with substantial potential in terms of both costs and implementation times.  
In addition to manufacturing, Infor's management systems are widely used in the fashion and automotive sectors. "

Compared to LN, the flagship product, Infor M3 is a more niche product that we engaged with at mashfrog following a client request", explains Jonathan Bagnani, Infor Technical Area Leader and Project Manager at mashfrog. "By incorporating Infor M3 into our ERP solution, we've created an alternative to SAP that is also well-suited to small and medium-sized businesses." 

An academy to train resources. In order to bridge the skills gap when it comes to Infor's ERP solutions, mashfrog Group set up an academy based around M3. "We selected 11 young people fresh out of university and trained them for about 2 months", says Jonathan, who took charge of managing every aspect of this area of enterprise services, from training resources to customer relations. "We even developed our internal skills on the job – when we set out, we knew practically nothing." At the academy, the students were able to supplement their classroom training with an intensive two-week experience in Barcelona, at the Trelleborg office, where they were monitored by Ester Rams (IT Business Partner at Trelleborg), "an exceptional professional who has an understanding of the product developed over 15+ years and a vision of the big picture that is hard to come by in Europe". 

"The young people from the academy are now so good that they have already been hired for international project roll-outs." Two of them will go to the Netherlands, with a potential trip to Russia also in the pipeline. An important acknowledgement of the value of the training courses launched by the Group, which are helping us not only to create excellence, but also to build significant know-how.
Today, a team of 7 people who graduated from the academy work for the client. "

A scalable project that Infor itself is encouraging us to replicate for other large companies. The technology is there, as are the skills, and there's a market for the product – we now need to focus on strategic prospects and on the market with the most potential. In central Italy, mashfrog is still a unique partner", concludes Jonathan. 

What is Infor M3?

Designed for companies that make, transport and maintain products, Infor M3 offers a wide range of integrated applications. The multi-language, multi-currency and multi-site solution is highly versatile and can adapt to the business needs of many very different industries.
The products integrated into the standard M3 cloudsuite cover most business needs, regardless of size, and its flexibility makes it particularly suited to complex environments: Customer Sales and Customer Service, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Operations, and even Finance Management

Specifically, Infor M3 offers:

•    Support for market development, product sales and equipment, but also assistance in the post-sales phase for a 360° customer management overview.
•    Applications that control and optimise the flows of information, materials and finances in all organisations, allowing for the management of multiple operating units even when they are subject to different regulatory controls.
•    Manages batch traceability, serial numbers, equipment configurations and product attributes (styles, colours, sizes, co-products and by-products) in production and process environments.
•    Acquires, manages, controls and analyses corporate operations, including local regulatory controls. 

The main benefits 

•    Infor uses the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure, guaranteeing reliability, security, data protection and efficiency.
•    A flexible product suitable for companies of different sizes.  
•    Affordable costs for SMEs.
•    Implementation Accelerator: in the cloud version, users can take advantage of preconfigured solutions for specific industry sectors, designed to quickly distribute application processes, significantly reducing implementation time, risks and costs.
•    User-friendly interface.
More and more companies, including in Italy, are integrating Infor management software, particularly Infor M3. This highly customisable solution is suitable for all business models and all industries, including more complex sectors such as fashion and food, which must invest in digital transformation to tackle the challenges of the market and compete at a global level.