18 April 2019

Holograms Beyond the Material: Event Video

An exhibition, music, video projections and augmented reality: the most exciting moments from mashfrog’s evening event organized for the Fuorisalone

An event designed and created specifically for the Fuorisalone during the hottest week of the year, Milan Design Week. An extraordinary backdrop and a unique chance to show the public the new tech and creative frontiers that we at mashfrog explore and experiment with every day.

The first part of the evening featured technology. At the entrance, visitors downloaded a mobile app, developed in house specifically for the event. They then engaged in a completely immersive and multi-sensory experience with sounds, images and augmented reality. A system of video mapping and a swarm of 3D holograms, visible with the application, took them on a journey beyond the common perception of space and the material.  As part of this visionary event, speeches were given by Federico Zuin, CEO of the Mashfrog Group, and Antonio Grillo, Digital Area Managing Director, who said about the initiative:

“The title of Beyond the Material deliberately recalls the Group’s payoff. Beyond the digital, that is, dedicating ourselves to exploring everything that lies beyond the ‘digital’, as it is traditionally meant, from augmented reality to Blockchain”. (Federico Zuin).

“Mashfrog makes products with attention to technology and creativity and also focuses on designing of objects to be used by real people”. (Antonio Grillo).

The event, held Thursday 11 April at the La Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, was a success in many ways. It was a chance to test out the creative and business potential of technological solutions developed by Mashfrog for mobile and augmented reality. It was also a unique experience that was exciting and engaging for everyone involved.

For anyone who was unable to participate live, here’s a recap of the evening.

Holograms Beyond The Material from mashfrog Group on Vimeo.