3 February 2020

SAP migrations: 6 projects on 4 continents

Mashfrog Group is the ideal technological partner for the migration of companies to S/4Hana

Mashfrog Plus, a Mashfrog Group company specializing in Digital Business Process Re-engineering (DBPR), starts in 2020 with an important outcome: six migrations to the international production facilities of major corporations such as Prysmian Group (Chile and Oman) and Prima Sole Components (Italy and Poland). 
This data confirms the Group's real ability to accompany large companies on their evolutionary path towards an "increasingly intelligent business model", managing extremely challenging business transformation projects at the same time, and in culturally and territoriality very different geographical areas.

The challenge

The 6 projects, including two "green-field" projects, engaged Mashfrog consultants on 4 continents in parallel and specifically with respect to production plants in Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Chile, Poland, Italy and Libya. 
Five companies involved in seven plants and six different countries, international teams and a common goal: to enable the migration from the current outdated systems to SAP S/4HANA.
The migrations simultaneously engaged about 90 professionals for periods lasting between six months to one year. 
The projects, some of which are still ongoing, have concerned not only migration, i.e. the transition to a new management system, but also the integration of different ERP applications. 

The complexity of this type of projects, commented the PM of the various teams, “concerns not only change management, but also the comparison with a different approach to work and the adaptation of the business model to the local cultures and political, legislative and fiscal aspects of the country involved". 


The roll-outs in Oman and Chile concern Prysmian Group, a leader in the design and production of cables for the energy and telecommunications sectors, with branches all over the world. 
Prysmian has entrusted Mashfrog Plus with two specific projects: the migration to the group "kernel" of the production plants of the two acquired companies, General Cable in Chile, and Oman Cable Industry in Oman. 
The two projects, each lasting about a year, have aligned local ERP systems and production processes with the group's HQ "kernel" model, already shared in almost all countries of the Prysmian ecosystem. 

The challenge faced by Mashfrog Plus is of great importance as partner and shareholder of 4FAB, a company specialised in industry 4.0 processes, for Prima Sole Components Group, the Italian leader in the chemical processing of plastics for the production of components for the automotive sector. 
For PSC Group, Mashfrog Plus is finalising the "green-field" implementation of three production plants, an Italian plant in Oderzo, the most important one in the PSC world, and two plants in Poland. 
The projects will lead the three plants involved to migrate in parallel from the ERP solutions used so far, towards a single and more innovative model in the Cloud, SAP S/4HANA. 
As in the case of Prysmian Group, the projects lasted between 8 months and one year each, involving international teams of around 30 consultants working both on-site and remotely.

To complete the period of international migration projects managed by Mashfrog Plus, there are two projects currently underway in Saudi Arabia and Libya. 
In particular, the latter case concerns a "green-field" implementation aimed at installing management and production systems based on SAP S/4 HANA and Successfactors technologies for the most significant Libyan oil company (Zallaf Oil).

"The period of international migration projects that saw us working in parallel between January and February 2020 on 4 continents, confirms the role of Mashfrog Plus, and therefore of the Mashfrog Group, as an exceptional partner in guiding large companies in their digital transformation paths and on an international scale. This is made possible by the presence in the Group of professionals with high vertical expertise in all main application platforms (SAP, Infor M3, Salesforce, MES, etc.)". (Federico Zuin, Group CEO).