20 December 2019

Mashfrog is the technological partner of Telefono Azzurro

The non-profit organisation relies on the group for evolutionary management of the official portal.  

Mashfrog Group is the technological partner of Telefono Azzurro, the first and most important Italian organisation dedicated to protection of all rights of children and adolescents. 

The partnership is part of the new structure defined by Telefono Azzurro for strategic and executive management of all digital communication activities of the non-profit organisation. Eprcomunicazioni and mashfrog Group will work together to accelerate digitisation of the main services offered by the organisation and build an increasingly integrated and accessible online ecosystem.      

Specifically, mashfrog Group will take care of evolutionary management of the portal, that is to say not only the updating and daily maintenance of the site, but also the design of new features and solutions that correspond as much as possible to the needs of the organisation and final users. To do this, we will field not only the technical and creative but also the strategic skills of our teams, which will guarantee clarity and widespread dissemination of information, but above all maximum usability of support services, for the target concerned. 
The ultimate goal is to contribute to full digitisation of the non-profit organisation and, thanks to technology, facilitate the work that Telefono Azzurro does every day together with the players of the solidarity ecosystem that surrounds it.        

Our work

A heterogeneous team made up of designers, programmers and communication experts will take care of routine maintenance and the design of increasingly innovative solutions in constant dialogue with the needs and evolution of the organisation.