26 November 2019

Mashfrog Group is the 2020 Growth Leader with a 43% growth rate

The prize awarded by Sole 24 Ore and Statista to the 400 Italian companies that have achieved the fastest growth in turnover between 2015-2018.

With an average annual growth of 43%, Mashfrog Group is officially one of the 400 Italian companies and SMEs that have achieved the highest average annual growth between 2015 and 2018.

"Growth Leader" is the ranking created by Sole 24 Ore and Statista, the German Institute for Statistics, which for the second year in a row are collaborating to draw up an all-Italian ranking of companies that have proved capable of positive and constant growth, in contrast to a less than favourable economic and social situation.  
The list of 400 companies, published in the dedicated insert of Sole 24 Ore and available online, is the result of an accurate evaluation that has led to the selection, from over 7,000 eligible companies, of those that have proven capable of growing and driving the growth of the country. Among the requirements that had to be met in order to participate in the selection were: a predominantly organic growth starting from a turnover of at least 100 thousand Euros in 2015 and of at least 1.5 million in 2018, the registered office in Italy and an independent company name.

Growth-leading Companies

The ranked companies operate in different sectors, but all have some common features: positive growth trends, innovative and scalable business models, ability to expand internationally and, at the same time, to promote the heritage and the region through innovative and cutting-edge solutions. These are companies and SMEs with an agile and dynamic structure that have shown resilience and ability to adapt to change, focusing on the interplay between skills and professionalism. While a single guiding thread links the 400 ranked companies, i.e. the importance of computer technology, there are four main business models behind their development: e-commerce, investment in sustainable technology, smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. 

Mashfrog as a Growth Leader

"Growing by an average of 43% per year is always an amazing result in the professional services industry, but it is even more so when such a result is achieved by operating in an economy with a sluggish GDP. The Sole24Ore ranking confirms the effectiveness of the strategy followed by the Group in recent years to differentiate in the digital services and technology market and rewards the difficult process of internationalisation started in 2017", commented Edoardo Narduzzi, Chairman of the Mashfrog Group. 

A prize that not only rewards the excellent financial results, but also the daily commitment of organisations to create jobs and stimulate economic growth with a constant focus on the environmental and social sustainability of their decisions. 
Mashfrog has achieved the turnover targets required to be included in the ranking of Italian Growth Leaders and celebrates the award received by renewing its commitment to finding increasingly innovative solutions capable of meeting the needs of the industry, as well as the needs of the people.