14 October 2019

Mashfrog DOO has arrived, a Mashfrog Group company based in Belgrade

Mashfrog DOO brings the expertise of the Mashfrog Group in the field of Enterprise System and Cloud Solutions to Eastern Europe markets.

Mashfrog DOO has arrived in Belgrade, a company that will bring the expertise and skills of the Mashfrog Group to the field of digital Business Process Management technologies.
Mashfrog DOO has been founded in collaboration with partners AccessToBalkan DOO, responsible for External Relations, Institutional Relations and Business Advisory Services, and Resourcing DOO. The company starts its activity with a "training on the job" programme aimed at training 60 young locals to be included in the project teams. 

With Mashfrog DOO, the Mashfrog Group brings one of its core businesses to the Serbian and Eastern European market: consulting in Enterprise System and Cloud Solutions (ERP, CRM, SRM) and conducting Digital Transformation projects that can improve efficiency and innovate the management of business processes. With the establishment of this company branch, the Group intends to build a Competence Center in Serbia with the aim of developing digital technologies and innovative solutions to meet the growing needs of businesses. Local talent will be employed, together with technological partners and universities, to create professionals in the sector and to accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs and large companies.   

Mashfrog DOO's inauguration will be an on-the-job training programme activated with the collaboration of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and Mashfrog professionals. The programme includes the organisation of several Academies, each lasting 4 weeks, to train the local talent who will later join the company. The objective is to train approximately 60 people under 30 selected from graduate students in the STEM disciplines. The Academy will focus on the 4 main areas of Mashfrog DOO's core business, namely: Enterprise Systems (SAP, Infor, Salesforce), integration of cloud management systems, Industry 4.0 and Logical Security. 

"Serbia has high development potential in which to invest, and also, thanks to the University of Belgrade, a level of excellence in training students in the most innovative technological fields. 
Within two years, we expect the inclusion of over 100 professional figures, young people from degree courses in scientific-technological disciplines, who will have the opportunity to enter the international network of Mashfrog Group, with an initial period of training and support, coordinated by experts in the technological fields of reference." (Andrea Albanese, CEO of Mashfrog DOO)

A valuable project that aims to become a driver of economic growth and development of the local workforce. With the establishment of Mashfrog DOO, the mashfrog Group's expansion logic is consolidated on the international markets, already present in the MENA Region, in Spain and in the United Kingdom.