1 August 2019

Mashfrog Commerce, UK digital agency, sees the light

Mashfrog Commerce will bring the Group's expertise in e-Commerce and Digital Marketing to UK and Northern Europe markets.

A strategic choice 

The UK e-commerce market is second in the world in terms of breadth and dynamism after the United States. This is why the strategic choice of locating the headquarters of Mashfrog Commerce in London, the newly established branch of the mashfrog Group which has the challenging task of promoting the Group's expertise and gaining a significant slice of a competitive market full of opportunities.  

The challenge

The task of running Mashfrog Commerce has been given to Alexander Ford, an expert in retail digital transformation and for over 10 years at the forefront as a sales and marketing director in the e-Commerce sector (with a particular focus on Magento).    

"My job is to support the Group in expanding its business proposition in the UK. Making use of the experience gained in the e-Commerce and Digital Marketing field by two pf the Group's companies, The Innovation Factory, led by Pablo Liuzzi (CEO), and Mamadigital, headed by Simone Rinzivillo (CEO), Mashfrog Commerce will scale the British market, a very competitive market, but also at the cutting edge and in constant growth".   

Working closely with the Group's teams, Mashfrog Commerce has challenging goals: achieve a turnover of around £ 1.4 million by 2020 and expand into the UK and Northern Europe markets

"To achieve this goal we will leverage an integrated offer of e-Commerce solutions, digital marketing and consulting services and the support of the Group's expertise".  

The Partnership with BigCommerce

In fact, although just set up, Mashfrog Commerce has all the requisites to rise to the challenge and target these goals. The agency calls on the expertise of the mashfrog Group and of the specialised companies that make it up, the diversified skills of over 350 professionals, cutting-edge technologies developed in-house and finally, but only in chronological order, the certified partnership with BigCommerce
BigCommerce is the international platform established in 2009 that offers consulting, technology and SaaS model solutions for brands that want to launch an e-Commerce approach. Joining the network of certified BigCommerce partners is not only a recognition of expertise and professionalism at international level, but a significant lever for growth and a privileged access key to potential customers in all sectors. 

The Team

Mashfrog Commerce currently consists of a team of more than 10 professionals involved in sales, marketing, UX design and project management. A team in constant growth for ensuring diversity of expertise.