8 July 2019

Davide Palluzzi, the youngest talent at mashfrog

From the Academy to the job recruitment, the story of the youngest resource of the Group.

Approximately 300 people work at mashfrog, distributed between Italian and foreign offices. The average age of professionals does not exceed 34 years and, thanks to on the job training programmes in force for several years now, the company provides the opportunity for young and very young talents to also enter the workforce. 
This is the case of Davide Palluzzi, who at the age of 19, with his high school studies finished only a few months ago, signed a permanent contract with mashfrog as an SAP consultant.

The talent. Davide lives in a small town in the province of Rome and has attended computer technician school, is passionate about programming languages, but also about graphic design, and finds studying easy. He graduated in 2018 with excellent grades and imagined a professional future as a programmer/developer in the agency or, why not, just as a graphic designer. But Davide is a capable student and, immediately after graduation, the school proposed to him that he apply for one of the training programmes that some companies activate to recruit young resources. 
Davide soon accepted and was contacted by Alberta La Peccerella, Talent Acquisition and HR Specialist of mashfrog Group. The proposal was to enter the 3-week SAP Academy which was to start shortly (March 2019). 

The opportunity. SAP consultants - that is to say expert advisors in the implementation and management of this type of management software for companies - are made in the field, there are no dedicated study paths, or fast-track options. This is why mashfrog created the Academy, for intensive on the job training programmes that select talents and train professionals. 
David had never heard of of SAP before, but he immediately saw a great opportunity in Alberta's proposal and accepted.
For 3 weeks Davide, together with a group of almost 10 people, went to the mashfrog headquarters in Rome, five days a week, 8 hours a day, for classroom training with dedicated tutors Emilio Aldi, Senior Business Consultant, and Paolo Macrì, Senior Business Consultant.

"The Academy is an exceptional opportunity, in just 3 weeks we learn a profession that is in great demand in the labour market, but which is difficult to train for." 

Davide tells us that he not only appreciated the professional opportunity at the Academy, but also the personal experience. “The weeks spent in the classroom were an opportunity to forge important ties and meet special people”.  

From the Academy to the contract. Once the Academy ended, Davide received a 3-month paid service contract which will be carried out entirely with the customer as SAP Business Consultant Junior. 
The administration period is over and Davide has just signed a permanent contract and officially joined the company that believed in him and invested in his training, as well as in that of many other young people.