18 December 2019

The first SAP Consultant team is born in Belgrade

We would like to welcome the Junior SAP Consultants trained during the first DOO mashfrog Academy. 

On 16 December, the first SAP Academy organised by mashfrog DOO, a business unit of the Enterprise System and Cloud Solutions Group founded in Belgrade, came to an end. This was an important first goal that officially started works on the Serbian headquarters.  

The on-the-job training programme followed the model tested at mashfrog for the integration of recent graduates and/or undergraduates in the company, to be involved in STEM subjects. However, the Academy that has just ended in Belgrade holds a special significance. This is the first one that was organised in partnership with a University, the Faculty of Organisational Sciences (University of Belgrade), and the one that officially inaugurates the establishment of the SAP consultant team of mashfrog DOO

The initial selections

It took over 100 candidates and two days of interviews to identify the students to be included in the programme which, in 6 weeks, would have led them to learn about the theory and practice of the main SAP application areas. A class of 25 brilliant and highly motivated students was formed during the interviews. Pupils were entrusted to a team of 6 teachers, all SAP Senior consultants of the mashfrog Group, who shared with the students their technical skills (necessary for a modern consultant) and - above all - the experience gained on the projects.  

Teaching team

The six-week course was split into many modules, each entrusted to a specialised teacher. The 6 modules were conducted by:
•      Stefano Madera: SAP / FI module (Finance)
•      Bartlomiej Senko: SAP / MM module (Material Management)
•      Nicoletta Biassoni: SAP / PP module (Production Planning)
•      Maurizio Fanelli: SAP / SD module (Sales and distribution)
•      Marcello Fornari: SAP / LE module (Logistics execution)
•      Francesco Palermo: SAP / CO module (Controlling)
•      Matteo Stazi: SAP / ABAP module 

From the Academy to the inclusion in project teams

Out of 25 students more than 50% (70% of these are women) is on-boarded. They will enter the company as "SAP Junior Consultant", will be supported throughout their tasks by Senior consultants and will follow the project activities for our international clients. They will also have the opportunity to work in dynamic, multicultural and innovative environments.
Andrea Albanese, CEO of mashfrog DOO, comments on the first Academy: 

A very positive experience from all points of view. Collaborating with the University and its staff was very effective. Furthermore, the commitment of students, to attend all the days at the Academy and their enthusiasm for learning the subjects, were strong. And that's just the beginning. I'm sure they will be able to bring their determination and desire to grow in the work environment.

Milija Suknović, Dean of the University'sFaculty of Organisational Sciences, was also very pleased with the collaboration:

I am extremely pleased with the beginning of the collaboration with Mashfrog doo. This was already evident in the first activity, with the organization of the SAP Academy for the students on the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. During the program of six weeks, 25 students were given the opportunity to acquire new knowledge through 6 modules, provided by experts from the company. I hope for a successful continuation of the cooperation and I expect new challenges and joint projects.

The Academy from the students' perspective

Teachers' dedication, patience, and ability to involve are the qualities that students have mostly appreciated. However, these were followed by the opportunity to "focus their attention on the really important aspects of a consultant's work".  

The fact that the theory was always followed by practice, tests as well as the effective comparison with the work that the SAP consultant carries out every day was much appreciated.
This way, many of the students were able to better define their professional goals during the Academy, "I learned a lot about SAP and its uses and now I know with certainty that I am interested in working in this field"; commented one student.

Not only that, the training pathway activated by mashfrog DOO in Belgrade has put young graduates and undergraduates in direct contact with a highly sought after profession and with a dynamic as well as an international business context, creating real job opportunities.