14 January 2020

The new app for the students of the Campus Bio-Medico

The Campus Bio-Medico and mashfrog Group together to simplify students' lives.

MyUCBM is available on the iOS and Android stores, the new mobile application designed and developed in mashfrog for the simplification and digitisation of all aspects of university life within the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. 
A state-of-the-art facility

The Campus Bio-Medico University was founded in 1993 with a single mission: to promote "knowledge, the interdisciplinarity of the sciences and research in all areas that contribute to the global good of the person". High-quality teaching and the wide availability of resources and skills to support students in every aspect of their education are the hallmarks of a university that focuses heavily on constant innovation and cutting-edge technologies. The meeting with the mashfrog Group started right here: from an awareness that to guarantee an excellent training course, it is important to make the students' study experience and life on the university Campus as simple, easy and instantaneous as possible from a managerial and organisational point of view. The Campus is in fact a very large facility that houses classrooms, laboratories, educational centres, accommodation, organisational secretariats and catering areas, and it is here that the student spends most of their time during their course of study.   

Mashfrog expertise in the training sector

The Campus Bio-Medico relies on mashfrog Group for the design and development of a mobile application dedicated to students. Behind the MyUCBM app there are not only the skills of the Group's developers and UX/UI designers, but also the specific experience gained in the training sector with clients such as the LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome and Crédit Agricole Italia. 

The MyUCBM app, how it works, what it is used for and what all the features are  

The application, dedicated to students of the university Campus Bio-Medico, aims to make access to university services instantaneous and always at your fingertips. 
The main features made available by the app are:  
• Consultation of campus news and events
• Consultation of the lessons timetable
• Consultation of the timetable for study rooms
• Exam booking
• Information on teaching
• Consultation of the canteen menu 
• Access to conventions made available on campus.

The application also "virtualises" the student access badge. 

Where do I download the MyUCBM app?
On the Android and iOS stores.

Our work: how we developed the app

Mashfrog's remit covered all aspects of the application, starting with the design of the UX/UI, the creation of the backend system for communication with the UCBM systems and of course the mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Smart campuses and innovation in the training sector

The app for the Campus Bio-Medico adds to an already rich portfolio of mobile solutions designed and developed in-house to manage the logistic and organisational aspects of university life and the training experience in general. After consolidating our expertise in the smart campus field thanks to projects such as the app for LUISS students and the app for users of the Campus of Crédit Agricole Italia, the collaboration with the Campus Bio-Medico confirms the role of mashfrog as the ideal digital partner for leading players in academic and professional training. The collaboration also adds an important reference in the world of healthcare.