3 September 2019

Smart training: the app for the Crédit Agricole Italia Campus

A mobile application that digitises the experience of the Crédit Agricole Campus, the banking Group's hub dedicated to training and events.

An area of 2,700 square metres with an auditorium, equipped classrooms and catering and relaxation facilities designed to host training courses, meetings, conferences and events in the city of Piacenza. We are talking about the Crédit Agricole Italia Campus, a modern, efficient facility created by the Banking Group, already strengthened by the consolidated collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, to encourage training and research activities both within the company and the companies of clients. 

The Campus is a cutting-edge facility with which the Banking Group confirms its propensity to invest in innovation and new technologies. That's where the mashfrog Group comes into play. Crédit Agricole has relied on our expertise and the skills of our professionals to design and develop a mobile application that allows all Campus users (students and teachers) to experience Campus life that's as smart as possible. What does this mean? It means fast, intuitive, smartphone-based management of:
●    Campus classroom availability
●    use of catering areas (including making special requests on the available menu)
●    interaction with teachers
●    evaluation of courses (responding to feedback questionnaires)

The strategic goal

The application currently responds to the main logistical needs of the Group's employees who use the Campus, but the strategic objective is to make it a tool capable of integrally managing the training experience of the employees of the entire Group in a short time. Training plays an important role in large companies, in particular in the banking system, conferring training credits for all employees. The Crédit Agricole Group provides high-level, sector-specific training, including for the many internal companies. The app aims to be an effective tool to simplify organisation and logistics, but also to digitise attendance and training credits, and to provide a comprehensive, secure database to perform analyses, produce reports and carry out assessments. In future, then, we expect all Group employees to use the app to organise their training throughout the year, to confirm their course participation in the calendar and to digitally certify their presence.    

Our work: how we developed the app

A back-end, front-end and UX/UI design development team worked on the product for about 4 months. It has been available in the Google Play and Apple stores since June. 
The mobile application was developed taking advantage of the potential of the cross-platform React Native framework. The cross-platform approach ensures optimised development times and consistency of the content provided by the applications on the different platforms, at the same time as guaranteeing maximum fluidity and ease of access to the device's hardware components. 

React Native is widely used and supported by the community, and is used for the development of many successful apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Airbnb etc.
The back-end component was instead created by exploiting the potential of the symfony PHP framework.

The Crédit Agricole Italia Campus app joins a portfolio already rich in mobile solutions, designed and developed in-house to manage the logistical and organisational aspects of training. After having consolidated its expertise through projects such as the LUISS campus student app and the WWF e-learning platform, we enter the world of large companies to improve the smartness of training management.